My Botched FFS & The Need For Sites Like

I had FFS with the self proclaimed, “best in the world” and I came away with a face completely botched. My insurance company payed TSC $56K for a face that brings me to tears every day. Net Zero Feminizing Effect. I look nearly exactly as I did upon entering. I’m still mis-gendered everyday AND now have the luxury of actual medical fallout. Most debilitating of which is a nose which no longer works. I cannot breathe correctly and must wear breath-rite strips to sleep. For my troubles TSC has completely dismissed me. Attempting to charge 7K US for revisions that fall way outside of any claim of ascetics.

Epiphanies Have No Boundaries

Oh this ones got a penis, put him in this little clear box right here!’ And so forth for the keeper of a vagina. Our very understanding of the human condition is predicated on what’s between our legs, not what rests in our hearts. In our minds.

Red Lips

Yes Indeed there was no more doubt, gosh I think they even had a little pout!

In The Middle We Find Our Beginnings

So prior to that day I would have been the first person to laugh at anyone who would dare pronounce that true love exists. “The existence of soulmates or that people are placed in our path just when we need them most. All of it, bunko…”