Mom’s Clothes

As far back as 4-5 years old I remember wearing my mom’s clothes. I loved my mom and wanted to be her. I was completely without shame in my early attempts to wear and be affirmed in these simple articles of clothing. After all I was an innocent to societal views that said, “NO.” Of…

The Lost Boys

I find it fascinating that whenever we speak of atrocities large and small, historic or present day, we always speak in generalized terms. Using words and phrases that cast the whole of societies and nations as participants in those horrors. I’m not sure if this is lost on historians or the public at large, but…

Epiphanies Have No Boundaries

Oh this ones got a penis, put him in this little clear box right here!’ And so forth for the keeper of a vagina. Our very understanding of the human condition is predicated on what’s between our legs, not what rests in our hearts. In our minds.

Red Lips

Yes Indeed there was no more doubt, gosh I think they even had a little pout!

In The Middle We Find Our Beginnings

So prior to that day I would have been the first person to laugh at anyone who would dare pronounce that true love exists. “The existence of soulmates or that people are placed in our path just when we need them most. All of it, bunko…”