Mom’s Clothes

As far back as 4-5 years old I remember wearing my mom’s clothes. I loved my mom and wanted to be her. I was completely without shame in my early attempts to wear and be affirmed in these simple articles of clothing. After all I was an innocent to societal views that said, “NO.”

Of course the words to express how I felt didn’t exist. And neither would she, as I was 4 decades away from seeing the light of day. For without warning, Chloé was thoughtfully and lovingly placed neatly into the closet with a, “no no no, those are mums things, they’re not for you.”

Well a lot happened on the way to midlife. Lol! And as it goes I’m always amazed by my mom’s strength and tenacity. She’s now 71 and still slaying it! And I’m forever grateful for her presence and unconditional love these last few years.

So I was sitting with her the other day chatting away and she remarks on how much she loves my style and how similar our looks are. We both have this Stevie Nicks thing going on… And as I was chuckling she says, “ya know what babes, I think we’re the same size. I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of, ya wanna see if you like anything?”

It hit me like an olive hits a farmer from above, as I suddenly flashed back to those days when all I wanted to hear were those very words. To have my mom affirm my desire to wear her things!

I began to laugh and tear up, (although she didn’t see my cry this time) I said, “whoa?! Mom?! Lol!” All those years ago I wore her clothes and she couldn’t get them off of me fast enough. And here I was being asked if I wanted to try her stuff on.

There are no words to describe that depth of acceptance. I’m so grateful for you mom, I love you!

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