A Poem For…


And so within this journal she would write,  just a few words before saying goodnight. About the times gone past and times to come, of her life under this great big sun.

Some will be boring and others haunting, and some will leave her forever wanting.

Through the years the pages will ponder. Would her dreams come true as she’d been told, or would they wander getting lost in the fold.

As the years came and went things became closer than she could remember, hands forever steady it was definitely better, although at times left her feeling alone whilst standing together.

Her world had become filled with the health of others, yes indeed their care. Her eyes always filled with honesty and devotion, if not completely frazzled hair.

Then a day knee deep in the fray, her path met a wide eyed traveler with much to say. So comfortable it was that without hesitation she invited them in. After all how often does one get to meet their celestial twin.

And as the banter began so fell away life’s itchy sand. For in this stranger she somehow knew, that laughter like a meal is better when there are two.

Life they say is purely random, passing too fast just like our favorite song. A thought that found her humming until a great yawn.

“Do-La-La and something it said” before the thoughts drifted from her head. Placing down the pen for the night, she fell back into her pillow and looked forward to the mornings light.

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