A Moment In Time

And so it was three years today. June 2, 2014. The day for which my life, however it continues to unfold, will forever find its birth. For in that moment I was born. Without a clue of what was happening, and more awake than I had ever been.

Boggles the mind to think just how much another soul can affect the very fabric of yours. And without even trying, her presence in my life for what amounts to a heartbeat, forever changed the course of it. I knew it was big, although had no idea what it was; even this time last year. She spoke with a smile and without asking permission took my hand. No agenda whatsoever but to be in that moment with a perfect stranger. “So what’s your story morning glory?” She asked. And there in the glint of her eyes, my life began.

That’s what it took to find this person lift their head and see everything they either did not believe or had simply forgotten. Lost through to the years was any sense of self or hope that I was anything more than a accident, a throwaway. Worthy of loves silence and nothing more.

Yet here before me was standing the embodiment of every female archetype I had ever created in my minds eye. And she saw in me something much different. Who knows maybe she saw herself, I’ll never know, but it found her needing to exclaim, “you’re an amazing person! I’m so happy to know you exist!” My god who says that?!? And to me of all people?!? And so I fell, head over heal down that lovely hill.

And although that hill was but 26 days long, the memory of what that friendship was and how it helped me find in myself amongst the clutter will never be forgotten.

I once said to her, “I don’t know if meeting me has meant anything to you, however meeting you was a gift. As you helped me unlock unlimited potential. And for that I’ll always be thankful.”

I had no idea just how prophetic those words would become. As Chloé’s voice was barely audible then. And perhaps it was she who heard loud and clear. For so began the falling away the walls built to protect, and as the light began to shine in, so too began the healing.

And that healing continues as the personal growth since has found this person falling in love with themselves. As I realize that the gift laid within me all along.

Thank you Robin; I’m so happy to know you exist! ❤️

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